PACT¬†dreams of a South Africa in which transgender people can live without fear of oppression or judgment. A South Africa free of prejudice, where each individual’s identity is treated with respect and understanding. A South Africa in which transgender people are supported, respected and cherished.


PACT strives for the establishment of equality and justice for transgender people in South Africa through a platform of professional cooperation and advocacy.

  • We spread awareness and understanding of transgender identities and issues
  • We advocate for transgender people’s human rights
  • We aim to provide a voice for transgender people within fora in which they are typically underrepresented
  • We cooperate with other South African organisations that promote LGBTI rights and equality


Through cooperation of professionals in various fields and vocations, PACT aims to

  • Broaden professional and mainstream awareness of transgender issues
  • Empower service providers to treat transgender people with greater compassion and sensitivity
  • Engage with South African government departments to establish and improve policies related to transgender issues
  • Make healthcare and social services more easily and safely accessible to transgender people throughout South Africa


PACT was established in 2015, by a group of clinicians who have passion, skill and expertise in working with transgender patients and clients. PACT was founded in response to a social climate in South Africa that remains quite hostile to transgender and gender non-conforming people, despite having what is globally regarded as very progressive legislation on matters of gender identity.